The Project

Since traffic was dreadful in Bristol, UK we decided to start cycling to work on a daily basis, also shopping, riding in the countryside… somehow the bike became our mean of transport for everything. We have loved to cycle ever since. It has something to do with the freedom of movement, being out in the open air, and having the opportunity to let the thoughts run free.

Today, we are about to put our own career on hold to take on of our biggest projects so far: a self-contained and itinerant journey, across new landscapes and cultures, experiencing the joy of breathing fresh air and meeting new people.


This odyssey is the result of our past adventures and a big desire of a long haul travel. We naturally chose to combine the passion for cycling and for travelling to form a perfect match.

This expedition will lead us from the French coast of the English Channel to the Strait of Kuala Lumpur on a 10,000 miles journey on our two-wheelers.

Our travel will start on the Eurovelo 6 route in April 2017 from France to Bulgaria, across Turkey and Iran, along the Silk Road and down South East of Asia (see route section).


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