The cyclists

Angelique By Nicolaspicture1

30 years old, from Brittany (France)

Last job: Supply Chain/ Quality Contractor at Airbus UK (Bristol)

Her hobbies : gymnastics, cycling, running, capoeira, hiking

Her nick name : Lilike

Her qualities : smiling, hard worker, conscientious, sincere, attentive, funny, generous, sensitive, dynamic, adventurous, persevering, serious, professional, natural.

Her faults : avoid as much as possible to speak to her in the morning. She needs a long time to become socially acceptable. Attention to the – rare – moments of grumbling of her sensitive soul.

What she loves : artistic gymnastics, fancy dress parties, the Adventure, her holed legging, party, MacGalyver (or MacGyver).

What she hates : the liars, the raspers, the pessimists

If she was a color : The Blue, the color of sweetness, benevolence and perseverance.

Her personality : attentive, lives every thing thoroughly, organized, cautious, beautiful smile beautiful eyes.

In a word : Angelique … Marquise des Anges

picture2Nicolas By Angelique

28 years old, from Brittany (France)

Supply Chain Management

His hobbies : volleyball, marathon, trail, bike, swimming, skiing

His nick name : Niko

His qualities : optimistic, joie-de-vivre, dynamic, creative, always fulfilling his obligations, sincere, attentive, endearing, smiling, sociable, honest

His faults : impatient

What he loves : the dark chocolate, the shells, the shirts with boats, the papouilles, to surpass

What he hates : queues, disorder, routine

If he was a color : the Green, symbol of nature, hope, serenity and luck.

His character : Always voluntary, easy to live, insightful, natural presence, always the word to make laugh, under his look of big hard it is a true romantic

In a word : Adventurer

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