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Before leaving on a trip, you should take some time to check and choose the best option for your credit card to avoid the colossal costs of foreign operations.

Check card limits

Daily expenses can quickly rise, so check your credit card limit and as a precaution increase them if necessary.

Premium Card

Insurance and support depending on the banks, the possession of a Visa Premier or Mastercard Gold card allows you to make your purchases and withdrawals at no extra charge in most banks in the world. The card also includes an assistance service provided by your bank and an insurance in case of cancellation of the trip, lost or theft of luggage …

Online Banking

On-line banking institutions (Revolut, TSB, Monabanq, CitiBank, Fortuneo, …) offer an increasingly complete offer, greater rewards than major networks and unbeatable rates. Unlike traditional banks, there is no agency and no bank adviser but only a website and a mobile application which allow you to be completely autonomous: really useful for a traveler.


The choice of insurance and the administrative formalities in general are not the most pleasing but it is nevertheless essential to travel serenely! Some think that by being careful, nothing can happen to us and that therefore insurance is useless … But accidents do not happen to others and the diseases either!

Why take a travel insurance as part of a long-distance trip? Important criteria:

Repayment of medical expenses and repatriation
Special activities and dangerous sports
Traveling light-minded: We take advantage even more when we know that we are covered and that we are not going to debt all our respective family 😉
In Europe, we will be covered by the French Social Security thanks to the European Health Insurance Card (CEAM). We will therefore begin our membership of travel insurance from Turkey.

We have contacted 4 insurance companies specializing in this type of travel: Globe Partner ACS, Chapka Insurance, AVI International and WorldNomads Insurance.

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